Skiff Models

The skiff is a small boat traditionally used in coastal or river craft used for leisure or fishing and have a one-person or small crew. Many children living on the Bay developed their fledgling boating sails rowing around the Chesapeake in skiffs, spending summers fishing and crabbing. Skiffs were also used by watermen to get to areas unassailable by larger ships because they were too narrow and/or shallow.

My skiff models are all rather simple; they are all built to the same 1:12 scale and can be completed in 2-3 days. For an example of a more detailed skiff, please see the ‘Other Boats’ page of this site.


I built a couple of skiffs for a guy living on the west coast who grew up here in Southern Maryland. He has fond memories of the summer days he and his brother spent on the water in a wooden skiff rented from Quade’s store in Bushwood, MD.


Upon receiving the models, he had this to say:

“They are well beyond my fondest hopes and bring a golden age before my very eyes.”

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